Measure 量度膽固醇指數
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Measure Cholesterol 
Everyone age 20 and older should have his or her cholesterol measured at least once every five years while age 40 or about should have test every year. Thanks for the nowadays advance technology that a quick blood test called a lipoprotein panel, which only require 2 minutes and 3 blood drops from you for the result, can help show whether you're at risk for coronary heart disease by looking at substances in your blood that carry cholesterol. This blood test gives information about your:
- Total cholesterol
- Triglycerides
- High-density lipoprotein good cholesterol (HDL)
- Caculated Low-density lipoprotein bad cholesterol  (LDL)

- 總膽固醇指數水平
- 三酸甘油酯指數水平
- 高密度好膽固醇指數水平
- 計算低密度壞膽固醇指數水平


20歲以上都建議每5年量度膽固醇,40歲建議每年量度膽固醇, 一旦發覺自己膽固醇有高風險,千萬不要害怕,立刻改變現在的飲食生活習慣及調節,避免食用反式脂肪及飽和脂肪,每天多吸收好的油好的不飽和脂肪如DHA, AHA,增加膳食纖維及毎天吸收2-3克植物松固醇,每月量度直到膽固醇回復健康水平,可有效將膽固醇下降約30%。當膽固醇回復正常後,只要持之而行,歷時三十年的醫學研究發現,在芬蘭可有効降低8成人患上心臟病的風險。